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Water Zeta (glaucoma)

It is a disease that affects the optic nerve ...

(Which carries the images that we see to the brain) as a result of high pressure of the eye causing damage to the tissues of the optic nerve. Glaucoma is known in the public with blue water is a mistake common to most individuals. There is no blue water inside the eye, but this label came from the concept of word Glaucoma, which means blue waterfalls because the patient sometimes sees blue halos around the light source, giving the impression that inside the eyes blue water.

Causes of high pressure eye ...

- recurrent iris.

- Cataract maturation - white water.

- Advanced stages of diabetes mellitus disease.

- Retention of blood vessels in the retina.

- Internal eye eye.

Methods of Treatment ...

Glaucoma can be controlled by eye drops several times a day with some tablets that reduce eye pressure.

Depending on the type of glaucoma and its severity, the eye doctor, after all the necessary tests, will tell you the best treatment for your glaucoma. You may be asked to use a simple form of one or more eye drops, laser surgery or surgery.

When glaucoma surgery is needed, our doctors usually perform glaucoma under a simple local anesthetic

Whatever your treatment for glaucoma, your goal will be one. Reduce eye pressure in glaucoma and maintain optics with the safest and least painful method.

Glaucoma symptoms ...

The risk of this disease is the lack of symptoms. Where the patient does not feel a headache or weakness of vision or any other symptoms

And therefore do not go to the doctor. And the late Maitacher patient until the optic nerve is damaged within several months with the eyes completely

He suffers a gradual shrinkage in the area without even feeling blind.

Glaucoma ...

There are many different types of glaucoma. Many eye diseases are accompanied by high eye pressure (glaucoma secondary) and some types of glaucoma occur without cause (Glaucoma initial) and may be glaucoma (primary and secondary) acute or chronic. Each type of glaucoma treatment is different from other treatments.

The most common type of glaucoma is chronic glaucoma. This disease is caused by a defect in the organ responsible for filtering the liquid water out of the eye.

This results in a gradual and chronic increase in eye pressure. This type of glaucoma affects a very large proportion of people over 40 years of age. It leads to gradual erosion of the optic nerve.

Is Glaucoma Dangerous?

Glaucoma is one of the major causes of blindness in older people and blindness can be prevented if early treatment is seen. Early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma are the major factors in preventing blindness.

The risk is that it causes permanent loss of vision if not detected and treated early. When the pressure in the eye increases its normal rate, all internal eye tissue is affected by this rise in pressure. The veins of the blood nerve and some layers of the retina are damaged. Hence the importance of early diagnosis and interest in the use of treatment constantly so as not to increase the pressure of normal rate and keep the optic nerve in good condition

The most important departments of medical clinics of the eyes ...

* Lasik unit and corrective processes.

* Introduction of the eye and cornea and white water.

* Retina and vitreous unit.

* Blue water unit (Glaucoma).

* Unit and children's eye diseases.

* Unit of plastic surgery and tear ducts.

* Neurosurgery Unit.

* Optometry and optometry unit.

* Diagnostic units include ..

        - Imaging unit.

        - Laser treatment unit.

        - Optical field inspection unit.

        - Ultrasonic examination unit.

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