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We at Al-Alamiah Medical Complex put the satisfaction, health and well-being of people as a goal and aim to achieve them. In order to achieve this, we have selected distinguished medical professionals from consultants, specialists and technicians supported by the best modern equipments that assist them in providing emergency and daily integrated medical services in various specialties through outpatient or emergency departments. Laboratory department or radiological diagnostic department around the clock. We have applied the highest international quality standards at the establishment of the complex in order to satisfy our guests who have put their trust in our ability to provide the best service and health care, supported by the cooperation relations with some centers Specialized in the provision of advanced treatment programs, and honored and all colleagues at the World Medical Complex to be at your service and to have your confidence

Providing integrated medical services at the highest health standards at a cost suitable for all segments of society.

Public health care for all family members by the best medical staff supported by the latest equipment and modern equipment to be the best choice among health care providers.

Excellence: We hope that our clients' experience will be different from what they have achieved. the quality : We apply the highest standards in providing our services in the right place and time. Respect: We believe in the value of the human being whom God has given life, and we pledge to respect His dignity and His rights. Privacy: We pledge to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of patient and family data. Innovation:   We commit ourselves to a working environment that supports teamwork, positive initiatives and creativity. the responsibility : We are confident in the responsibility of the service provider.

7284 Al-Alameya Polyclinic, Prince Sultan Road, Al-Nahdah District

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